About US

As a chiropractic physician since 2006 and licensed physical therapist for over seventeen years, Dr. Goldson has seen thousands of patients at his private practice (Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center) who suffer from pain and discomfort due to arthritis; muscle soreness; joint stiffness; tenderness in the lower back, neck, shoulders, and knees. In 2016, Dr. Goldson, along with his wife Dr. Thiema Goldson, decided it was time to come up with their own solution for patients in pain. They met with countless scientists and manufacturers until they felt they had something that would truly make a difference for patients. "We wanted something that specifically targeted the problem areas that we knew patients were dealing with the most,” says Dr. Goldson. "I see so many patients who work very demanding jobs-sometimes two or even three jobs-and they also deal with a tremendous amount of stress from their daily responsibilities. Our pain cream was designed with this in mind. As my wife likes to say, It is a product that works just as hard as our patients do."

Dr. Goldson also strongly recommends that patients who use the cream continue to receive regular chiropractic adjustments for optimum results. The pain cream, which contains the natural anti-inflammatory ingredient turmeric, reduces swelling while providing deep penetration and cooling sensation that provides long-lasting relief from aches brought on by sprains, strains, and other injuries.