Dr. Goldson not only believes in helping you to live pain free, but he also believes in helping you to live free in terms of choosing your financial options. We offer you the opportunity to earn an extra income while providing a natural pain remedy for you and your loved ones to enjoy life.

To qualify as a Wholesaler/Distributor, you are required to purchase a minimum order quantity of 60 units of any one product. See table below for details:

Note: Taxes and Shipping costs not included in Total Cost. Wholesaler/Distributor is responsible for these costs.


Know Your Pain cream (KYP)

Recommended Use: When using the pain cream - a little goes a long way. It is recommended to use the tip of your index finger to scoop the pain cream from the jar and rub it on the area of pain on your body. When using the pain spray, point to the area of pain and hold down the spray nozzle for 2 seconds.

Storage: It is best to store products in a cool and dry place. (not to exceed 80 degrees)

Marketing Information:

When referring to Dr. Goldson’s pain cream product, the most accurate description is ‘it is a naturally blended pain cream product’.

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